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“Usually, putting together a packaging line with new equipment takes close to a year,” says Luciano. “But when you don’t have the luxury of time, used equipment may be a viable option.” Pfizer was able to benefit from the enormous database of equipment, and expansive warehouse at The Frain Group, in Franklin Park, IL. The Frain Industries sales team helped Luciano track down a washer, and later a capper, for their aseptic filling line for injection bottles.

“Frain had the broadest selection of the type of equipment we were looking for,” says Luciano. “They had four washers readily available, and we ended up getting the best one suited for our application.” Farther down the packaging line, Luciano realized Pfizer’s special cap machine, which was to be used on this same job, was inadequate. They were now faced with the question of whether to rebuild or replace. Luciano went back to Frain and found four cappers available and one that would fit the bill nicely. Frain’s offer to exchange the Pfizer capper for one of their cappers made the sale more cost effective to Pfizer.

“Frain was a great resource for us,” says Luciano. “You have to be a savvy buyer when it comes to used equipment. You have to go in and take the guards off and made sure it is mechanically sound. But for those willing to check things out thoroughly, there are great opportunities to get good deals on used equipment.” Pfizer’s new line is scheduled to start late spring.

For more information on The Frain Group, contact Harold Booth, Sales Manager, by phone 630/629-9900, or fax 630/629-6575

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